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As a CPA, your clients rely on you to lower their tax exposure. Are you certain that your clients have the most tax-efficient 401(k)/Pension plan design for their tax objectives? If you could generate revenue by helping them improve their plan and lower their fees, would you? Partner with experts and do just that!

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The fragmented market delivery system for 401(k) & Pension plans has been commoditized AND works in reverse. Most plans are one-size-fits-all templates sold by a broker on behalf of massive insurance brokerages or financial institutions. Third Party Administrators, the ones who actually build plans custom to target specific tax objectives, aren’t engaged up front. This leaves your client with an ill-fitting plan that does not maximize their tax benefit.

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For over 40 years, the team at NestEggs has been custom building plans specific to the demographics and tax objectives of the companies we serve. We work with dozens of CPA firms up and down the eastern seaboard outsourcing our expertise to their business clients. From start-up design illustrations, evolutionary design changes, pension, and ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) NestEggs can help YOU ensure that you’re providing your clients with the best tax outcomes possible. Our partners view us as a tool in their bag and a part of their team.

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Our CPA partners engage us with their clients at on-boarding and we remain a part of their team going forward. We engage with our CPA partners heavily during Q3 and Q4 so that the 401(k) and Pension Plan is given the necessary attention during planning season. Our engagement with you and your clients is included as part of our service, at No-Additional-Charge. We win when the client wins, and you get peace of mind that they’re in a plan design that meets their objectives. Call us today to learn more!

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With the passage of the SECURE Act, Pooled Employer Plans (PEP) can now be sponsored and joined by anyone. As a CPA you are uniquely positioned to white-label a PEP for all of your business clients and help align their tax strategies with their qualified plans. You’ll be outsourcing our entire PEP ecosystem to your clients, so we absorb the day-to-day task in administering the PEP. Your clients get a bundled, tax focused 401(k) solution, supported by fiduciaries. The entire ecosystem, including web logins, can be branded to your firm and hosted on YOUR website. By initiating the PEP and helping management client relationships, you can receive compensation and grow your firm’s revenue.

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