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We combine decades of academic expertise on plan design with low cost investments. Then, we bundle it up with modern technology, objective advice, and administrative accountability. In a 401(k) market of overpriced commodities, commissioned brokers, and call-centers, NestEggs stands out from the crowd.

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Academic Expertise

Custom Plans

NestEggs’ founder, Rob Slimmon, is an academic and industry thought leader who authored a textbook for the American College of Financial Planning’s CFP® Curriculum. The topic of that textbook? How to custom build a 401(k) / Pension Plan to achieve tax efficiency for business owners! We KNOW that the “one-size-fits-all” cookie-cutter plans that dominate our industry reduce opportunity for employers. Your plan should be custom built to your business needs and tax strategy and should evolve with both. Our proprietary design tool, built by our founder, can do just that.

Low Cost Investments

Heavy on Diversification,
Low on Cost

Our investment philosophy is based on the research of Eugene Fama, Nobel Prize Laureate in the Economic Sciences and the father of “Modern Portfolio Theory”. We don’t believe in trying to “time the market” or “picking winners”. We believe in the efficiency of financial markets. For that reason, we offer LOW-COST, globally diversified investments. We’ll guide you into one of our risk-based model portfolios or a personalized allocation of your choosing. We’ll encourage and cultivate discipline and will help you focus on achieving long term investment goals.

Driven by Technology

Modern Technology
Customizable to YOU

Having a customized plan with low-cost investments is only as good as the technology that drives it. That’s why our state-of-the-art record keeping platform and on-demand digital enrollment and education technology can communicate with your payroll provider. Layered on top is our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and process management technology that communicates with all facets of our practice. This ensures that WE stay out in front of YOUR plan’s requirements. We built this customizable eco-system to create the most hands OFF 401(k) or pension plan you’ve ever sponsored.


No call centers
No Confusion

As your ERISA §3(16) Administrative Fiduciary we have a legal obligation to maintain your plan’s compliance on your behalf. In addition to handling compliance for you, we take a hands-on approach to consulting and advising. With NestEggs, you’ll never have to deal with a call-center and you’ll never be treated like a “ticket-in-the-queue”. You’ll have one dedicated specialist to go to for everything about your plan – big or small. Likewise, your employees will have unlimited access to a registered investment adviser on-demand. We think service matters!


Rob Slimmon


For four decades, Rob has designed and implemented fully-bundled retirement plan solutions for small to mid-sized companies through two successful entrepreneurial firms he founded and built – one of which...

Kevin Cheezum


During his 15+ years with NestEggs, Kevin has assumed positions with increasing responsibility including administrator, senior administrator, consulting director and chief compliance officer. In 2014, he became a principal and...

Blake Macklin


Since joining NestEggs in 2016 to lead the accounting and finance divisions of the business, Blake’s contributions, capabilities and credentials have quickly made him an integral part of the Leadership...

Alex Jenkins


Alex Jenkins is a partner and serves as Chief Revenue Officer. Alex came to NestEggs as a decorated Enterprise level leader at a Fortune 500 company. Passionate about the intersection...

Kevin Cress

Director of Client Experience, CFA

Kevin Cress serves as Director of Client Experience at NestEggs and oversees relationship management and communications with plan sponsors and their employees.  Kevin also serves on the NestEggs Investment Committee...

Chandler Julian

Director of Recordkeeping

As Director of Recordkeeping at NestEggs, Chandler leads the team that manages trading operations and financial reporting.  Before joining NestEggs, he held leadership positions within other firms in the retirement...

Kathy Kogut

Director of Implementations

Kathy Kogut serves as Director of Implementations with NestEggs. Kathy has over 35 years in the retirement industry. Prior to joining NestEggs, Kathy worked in all aspects of the industry...