Survival of the

Requires you to adapt

The majority of RIAs lack the infrastructure, technology, personnel, and patience to intentionally target 401(k) / Pension assets. They don’t understand the bureaucratic landscape, fear the fiduciary liability, dread the high volume of participant phone calls and simply may not know how to prospect these plans.
Solution: White Label a Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) for your practice and let NestEggs grow your business.

What is PEP?

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Qualified Plans – Why bother?

The juice IS Worth the squeeze

You can grow a massive private wealth pipeline via 401(k) and Pension. Consider the data:

Retirement Assets

Retirement Assets grew by $2.4 Trillion dollars from 2010-2019 (1)

Deferral Rate

2017- 2018, 30% of participants increased their deferral rate (3)

Average Balance

There are 80 Million Americans in ~600,000 plans with an average balance at age 60 of $287,000 (1)

Relationship Driven

88.5% of plans in America have under $10M in assets (4) = RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN

401(k) Plans

Participation in 401(k) plans in 2018 reached – 88.7% — highest its ever been (2)

Secure Act

The SECURE Act incentivizes new plans and paved the way for PEPs – the future of 401(k) plans

Record High

Average savings rate (company contributions + employee deferral) reached record high 13.2% of pay in 2018 (3)

If you won’t, your
competitors will

Eat or be Eaten
Protect & Grow

The typical independent RIA does not prioritize nor target 401(k) and pension assets. However, there are now massive RIA’s that specialize in BOTH private assets AND qualified plans. In fact, the Merger & Acquisition Activity in the RIA space for combined practices is only getting started. These firms can use their 401(k) practice to build a non-threatening relationship with your entrepreneurial private wealth client. Once the door is open, will you maintain control over the relationship? How will you defend against this?

White-Label a
NestEggs PEP

Close the door on competition
Via collaboration

A NestEggs White-Label Pooled Employer Plan is a boutique, comprehensive solution YOUR FIRM can use to ward off competitors and grow a massive private wealth pipeline. As a Registered Investment Adviser, NestEggs DOES NOT manage personal assets and we therefore do not compete with you. Our complimentary nature enables you to get a truly bundled solution WITH the advisory component included. If you use a TPA/RK only solution, YOU will be responsible for the entire advisory ecosystem for all those participants. With NestEggs, we do that heavy lifting as your back-office.

How it works

Focus on YOUR Strength
We’ll focus on ours.

NestEggs will form a white-label PEP on your behalf and will be / provide :

  • Pooled Plan Provider
  • Customized plan design options with tax-impact illustrations for adopting employers
  • §3(16) Administrative Fiduciary support
  • §3(21) or §3(38)Investment Fiduciary (optional, not required!)
  • Open architecture platform including Unitized Accounts
  • Portals, reporting, analytics, & enrollment technology
  • Custody / Directed Trustee Services via Charles Schwab Trust Bank
  • “Self-directed brokerage accounts” available within the plan
  • RFP Support including plan design, benchmarking, fund performance, fee analysis
  • In-person closing support with your plan prospects
  • A single, dedicated point of contact for ALL plan facets
  • Custom, branded participant portal login hosted on your website
  • ALL electronic platforms, technologies, and communications branded with your logo

In this arrangement,
you are only responsible for:

  • §3(38) Investment Fiduciary Management – build fund lineup, build model portfolios, & provide us with a rebalancing schedule to perform on your behalf. You also can delegate §3(38) Management to us!
  • Advising owners and highly compensated employees while our team can provide the hand-holding and general investment advice for the rank and file employees