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Customize your plan. Use low cost investments. Unburden your HR. Delegate your fiduciary responsibilities. Integrate your Payroll. Eliminate hidden commissions. Work with consultants, not call centers. And above all, prepare for retirement readiness. We care about the details, and it shows.

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The most expensive part of a 401(k) plan is not the fees, but the tax-saving opportunity business owners give up when they buy commodity plans. With our proprietary design tool, we will custom build a plan that meets YOUR firm’s unique needs and eliminates unnecessary cost. Throughout the year we perform compliance testing on your plan so that proactive changes can be made to it, as necessary. Given the opportunity, we will also consult with your CPA to ensure your plan aligns with your corporate and personal tax objectives.


  • Simple & SEP IRA
  • Simple 401(k)
  • Traditional 401(k)
  • Profit Sharing
  • Defined Benefit Pension
  • Cash Balance Plans
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  • Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs) & Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs)

Low Cost Investments / Transparent Pricing

All Mutual Funds have “share classes” which are different price points for the same underlying investment. Why the different prices for the same investment? Balance requirements and unnecessary layers of commissions! Unlike financial brokers, we are advisers and receive no commissions on the investments we recommend for your plan. Cutting out the middleman broker, enables us to offer you low-cost, no transaction fee funds, that are in many cases, Institutional “share class” funds. As fee-only advisers, our fees are clearly stated and never hidden.

§3(38) & §3(16) Fiduciary Support

NestEggs serves as ERISA §3(38) Investment Fiduciaries ensuring that the funds in your plan are suitable for your plan both in performance and price. This reduces YOUR liability for investment performance. We also serve as ERISA §3(16) Administrative Fiduciaries ensuring that your plan remains in compliance with the DOL. We take over numerous administrative responsibilities for your HR department including signing and filing the Form 5500 on your behalf. In addition, we offer designated Trustee services.

Integrated Record Keeping and Enrollment Platform

Our digital enrollment tool coupled with our open-architecture record keeping platform track your employee’s eligibility automatically and proactively notifies them when it’s time to enroll. When deferrals are initially made or changed, those changes are communicated between all of our systems and then on to your payroll provider. We offer customizable payroll reporting templates and deep integrations with nearly all market payroll providers. The enrollment platforms and participant portal can be branded to your company increasing the appreciation for this wonderful company benefit.

Intuitive Participant & Sponsor Portals

Our Participant and Sponsor Portals provide the most modern and easy to use technology available on the market. Accessible in mobile, tablet or desktop formats – the portals have intuitive layouts and are easily navigated. Sponsors can see investment data, employee data, and plan-activity in real time. Participants can see balance information, investment performance data and make investment election and deferral election changes with ease. On-going educational resources are available on-demand within each portal. A self-help document center provides downloadable access to commonly needed plan documents and forms on both portals.

One Point of Contact for Everything

Your company 401(k) plan is OUR JOB NOT YOURS. That’s why we offer unparalleled live-support. As a NestEggs client, you’ll have a single point of contact for EVERYTHING. You won’t reach a call center and you won’t be assigned a number in the queue. Our tools are amazing, but we believe in the value of the trust and rapport that are built in relationships. Call or email your dedicated plan consultant at any time. You will reach the person who knows your plan intimately and who can help you immediately.